Potty Training Part II

Still potty training over here--or at least attempting to. Thankfully, I had the chance to participate in a great chat all about potty training with Jeannette Kaplun, award winning journalist, TV Personality/parenting expert and Dr. Alberto Andres Cotton a well-respected pediatrician. With all the tips and advice from them and the rest of the Madrina's, as well as my own experiences with my first chiquita, I was ready to take on this challenge. 

Not only was my chiquita exhibiting readiness signs Dr. Cotton pointed out, like telling me when she needed a new diaper, and saying she wanted to sit on the toilet, she had more than once taken off her diaper to show me what she'd done. 

We watched the celebratory video more than a few times to show her that using the potty was an exciting event and I promised she would get her own undies with Princesses on them that were so excited to help her out.  I had just about gotten ready to enlist her great-grandmother's help with the training as I completely agree with both Jeannette and Dr. Cotton that this is a family event. My grandmother cares for my girls while my husband and I work, so in essence, she would be potty training them too.

I might have been a little overeager in getting my chiquita to potty train. I thought she was ready. I thought I was ready. Perhaps, we were both wrong. 

A few days ago I sat my potty-training chiquita on her potty. Nothing happened. She pulled up her "underwear" which is really a Huggies Pull-Up, and went on her way. A little later I sat her down again. Her sister decided to cheer her on. She told her what to do step-by-step. 

"First you have to lift the lid up. Then you pull down your pants and underwear. And then you sit. And then you potty. And then you flush like this..." and with that she flushed the actual toilet proud of herself  for showing her baby sister the ropes. But instead of getting a nice thank you, we both heard a piercing scream. Potty-training chiquita did not like the flushing sound, at all. It terrified her. And now? Well, she won't go near her potty.

Now what? 

Learn more about Huggies and the Madrinas by going by to You can also download a potty training app and watch a video with your kids.

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Everyone Needs a Break Sometimes//A veces todos necesitamos un descanso

It's been a while since I had the time/energy/reliable internet access/a glass of wine needed to write.Why? I blame Life.

Ha sido un tiempo desde que tuve el tiempo / energía / acceso a Internet fiable / un vaso de vino necesaria para escribir. Por que razon?? Culpo la Vida.

What did I do instead of sitting in front of my computer?

¿Qué hice yo vez de estar delante de mi computadora?

I got a job. One I really like. One that is actually helping people who are often pushed to the side, ignored and often abused.

Tome un trabajo. Uno que me gusta mucho. Uno que está ayudando a las personas que  a menudo son empujadas a un lado, ignoradas y abusadas.

I have been raising two toddler girls trying to run me over non-stop We've been to the race track, to baseball games, to the park, to museums...just about everywhere. 

He estado criando a dos chiquitas que tratan de atropellarme sin parar todo. el santo. dia. Hemos ido a la pistade carreras de caballo, a ver juegos de béisbol, al parque, a los museos ... a todas partes.

I've been studying for my IRS exam. Yes, it can be a little dry. Yes, I still like it. Please remember to include any bribes as income on your 1040. 

He estado estudiando para mi examen del IRS. Sí, puede ser un poco seco. , todavía me gusta. Por favor, no olviden incluir sobornos como ingreso en su 1040.

I've been trying to get healthy--or at least healthier. I've been trying to beat my addiction to soda lately. I say trying because each day as I wait for the elevator at work, out of the corner of my eye, the vending machine tempts me with its sugary drinks. Sometimes that temptation is just too great...

He estado tratando de vivir un poco mas sano - o por lo menos más saludable. He estado tratando de superar mi adicción a la soda últimamente. Digo intentando porque cada día mientras espero el ascensor en el trabajo, de la esquina de mi ojo, la máquina vendedora me tienta con sus bebidas azucaradas. A veces la tentación es demasiado grande ...

In other words, I've been living.

En otras palabras, he estado viviendo.

Life got a little messy with all the changes we went through these past few months and unfortunately my blogging had to be shelved for a while while I regained my balance. However, there was no better motivation to get back to my computer, nothing more encouraging than seeing the e-mails, direct messages and questions from friends (both online and IRL) wondering when I would get back to writing.

La vida se puso un poco desordenada, con todos los cambios que pasamos a través de estos últimos meses y por desgracia mi blog tuvo que ser dejado de lado por un tiempo mientras yo recuperaba mi equilibrio. Sin embargo, no hubo mejor motivación para volver a mi computadora, nada más alentador que ver los e-mails, mensajes directos y preguntas de los amigos (tanto en línea como IRL) preguntando cuando volvería a escribir.
Thank you. You have no idea how much I appreciate every word. 

Gracias. No tienes ni idea lo mucho que aprecio cada palabra.


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Here we go again//Aqui vamos otra vez

Guess what I’m getting ready to do for a second time? It involves careful planning, quick acting and possible messy accidents. Yes. I am getting ready to potty train a second child.

Adivininen que actividad me estoy preparando de iniciar por segunda vez? Involucra planear detenidadamente, actuar con rapidez, y posiblemente accidentes muy sucios. Si. Me estoy preparando para entrenar a mi chiquita a usar el bano.
Hopefully she laughs when those diapers disappear...

The first time around I was on my own so I stocked up on Pull-Up by Huggies for months. There were boxes in the girls’ room, in the closet, even in my car. Everywhere I went I carried a pair. It took some time, as I did not want to rush her, but learned and she would celebrate each time she was able to go on her own and keep her pull-ups dry. My oldest especially loved the ones with the Princess’ on them and called them her princess undies.

La primera vez que hice esto lo empeze sola y compre caja tras caja de Pull-Ups por Huggies. Me duraron meses. Habian cajas en el cuarto de mis chiquitas, en el closet, y hasta en mi carro. Adonde quiera que fuera llevava un par. Me tomo un poco de tiempo entrenarla por que no queria apresurarla, pero cuando mi chiquita aprendio celebro cada vez que alcanzaba llegar al bano y mantener sus pull-ups secos. A ella le gustaban los pantalones con las caricaturas de Princesas mas que cualquier otro y les llamaba sus “princess undies.”

For my soon-to-be-potty-trained toddler, I’m starting a bit earlier. My 2yo learns fast. She talked earlier, walked earlier and now will potty train earlier than her sister did. She just recently started announcing to the world when she is stinky and, if only wearing a diaper, will quickly begin to take it off before I can reach her. While it’s still not as early as some would like her to learn, especially those closest to me, waiting is best for us and experts agree.

Para mi chiquita que pronto sera entrenada, estoy empezando un poco mas temprano. Esta chiquita aprende rapido. Ella hablo, camino y ahora se entrenara a usar el bano mucho mas rapido que su hermana. Recientemente he empezado a anunciarle al mundo que huele feo y, si solo esta en panales comienza a quitarselo antes de que yo pueda alcanzarla. Espere hasta que ella estuviera lista como sugieren los expertos aunque unos piensan que es mejor empezar lo mas antes posible.

This time around I have help, and if you’re starting to potty train soon too, you are not alone. I’d like to introduce you Las Madrinas del Bano campaign. Get the information and support you need to help with every flush and transition your babies to big kid. Visit Pull-Ups on Facebook and join us as we share what it's like to potty train!

Esta vez tengo ayuda, y si ustedes tambien comenzaran a entrenar a sus chiquitas, ustedes tampoco estan solos ya que tienen todo el apoyo de Las Madrinas del Bano, la ultima campana de Huggies. Con toda la informacion y apoyo para comenzar y ayudar a sus chiquitas con cada “flush” y con la transicion de bebe a grandecitas. Visiten la pagina de facebook de Pul-Ups y unanse con las Madrinas que compartiran historias!

I'll leave with this video. Let's get training, together!

Aqui los dejo con este video. A entrenar, juntos!

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pull Ups.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.